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British Dental Journal 2004 - A Clinical Guide to Orthodontics
British Dental Journal 2005 - Endodontics
KH Thunthy - Dental Radiographic Diagnosis (American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology)
Mckracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics (10e, Mosby)
S.T. Sonis - Dental Secrets, 2nd ed (Hanley & Bilfus 1999)
A Allison - Community Structure and Co-operation in Biofilms (Cambridge, 2000).pdf
A Becker - The Orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Teeth (Martin Dunitz, 1998).pdf
A Hackshaw - Evidence-Based Dentistry - an introduction (Blackwell, 2006).pdf
A Qualtrough - Principles of Operative Dentistry (Blackwell, 2005).pdf
AESE Askary - Reconstructive Aesthetic Implant Surgery (Blackwell, 2003).pdf
BG Brogdon - Forensic Radiology (CRC, 1998).pdf
C Bryson - The Fluoride Deception (2004).pdf
C Drago - Implant Restorations - A Step-by-Step Guide (2e, Blackwell, 2007).pdf
C Scully - Handbook of Oral Disease - Diagnosis and Management (Martin Dunitz, 1999).pdf
CM Bowers - Forensic Dental Evidence - an Investigator Handbook (Elsevier, 2004).pdf
Color Atlas of Dental Medicine Radiology (Thieme).pdf
Craniofacial Development and Growth (Craniofacial Development).pdf
D Millett - Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry - Color Guide (Churchill Livingstone, 2000).pdf
D Wray - Textbook Of General and Oral Surgery (Churchill Livingstone, 2003).pdf
D.A. Mitchell - Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry, 4th ed (Oxford University Press 2005).doc
E Whaites - Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology, 3rd ed (Churchill Livingstone 2003).pdf
EW Odell - Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry (2e, Churchill).pdf
FA Pasler - Pocket Atlas of Dental Radiology (Thieme, 2007).pdf
FD Fragiskos - Oral Surgery (Springer, 2007).pdf
G Bridges - Dental Reception and Practice Management (Blackwell, 2006).pdf
G Eliades - Dental Hard Tissues and Bonding (Springer, 2005).pdf
G Scuzzo - Invisible Orthodontics (Quintessenz, 2003).pdf
H Devlin - Operative Dentistry - a Practical Guide to Recent Innovations (Springer, 2006).pdf
H Grundler - The Study of Tooth Shapes - A Systematic Procedure (Quintessenz, 1976).pdf
HT Perry - Understanding Orthodontics (Quintessence).pdf
HT Shillingburg - Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics (3e, Quintessence, 1997).pdf
I Ahmad - Protocols for Predictable Aesthetic Dental Restorations (Blackwell, 2006).pdf
Identification of Pseudomonas Species Isolated R20071003C.pdf
J Bagg - Essentials of Microbiology for Dental Students (Oxford, 2006).chm
J Lindhe - Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry (4e, Blackwell, 2003).pdf
JA Hobkirk - Introducing Dental Implants (Churchill Livingstone).pdf
JA Salzmann - Orthodontics in General Practice - part 1 (Lippincott, 1974).rtf
JA Salzmann - Orthodontics in General Practice - part 2 (Lippincott, 1974).rtf
JC Bennett - Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics and the Preadjusted Appliance (Wolfe).pdf
JG Meechan - Drug Dictionary for Dentistry (Oxford, 2002).pdf
JL Fuller - Concise Dental Anatomy and Morphology (4e).pdf
JN Parker - Orthodontics - a Medical Dictionary (ICON, 2004).pdf
JO Andreasen - Essentials of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth (Munksgaard).pdf
JS Rhodes - Advanced Endodontics - Clinical Retreatment and Surgery (Taylor & Francis, 2006).pdf
JW Nicholson - The Chemistry of Medical and Dental Materials (RSC, 2001).pdf
K Nill - Glossary of Biotechnology Terms (3e, CRC, 2002).pdf
KR Koerner - Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for General Dentist (Blackwell, 2006).pdf
L Greenwall - Bleaching Techniques in Restorative Dentistry (Martin Dunitz, 2001).pdf
L Mitchell - An Introduction to Orthodontics (2e, Oxford, 2001).chm
L Samaranayake - Essential Microbiology for Dentistry (3e, Churchill, 2006).pdf
LB Kaban - Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Saunders, 2004).pdf
LE Rose - Periodontal Medicine (BC Decker, 2000).pdf
M Shear - Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Regions (4e, Blackwell, 2007).pdf
M Tsukiboshi - Treatment Planning for Traumatized Teeth (Quintessence, 2000).pdf
MD Gross - Occlusion in Restorative Dentistry (Churchill Livingstone, 1982).pdf
Medical Emergencies and Resuscitation - Standards for Clinical Practice for Dental Practitioners 2006.pdf
MJ Engelman - Clinical Decision Making and Treatment Planning in Osseointegration (Quintessence).pdf
MS Duggal - Restorative Techniques in Paediatric Dentistry (2e, Martin Dunitz, 2002).pdf
Oral medicine — Update for the dental practitioner (BRITISH DENTAL JOURNAL VOLUME 199 NO. 5 SEPT 10 2005).pdf
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry (4e, Oxford, 2005).CHM
P Coulthard - Master Dentistry volume 1 (Churchill Livingstone 2003).pdf
P Heasman - Master Dentistry volume 2 (Churchill Livingstone 2004).pdf
PA. Reichart - Odontogenic Tumors and Allied Lesions (Quintessence, 2004).pdf
Peterson's Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (2e, BC Decker, 2004).pdf
Peterson's Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2nd ed (BC Decker 2004).pdf
PG Stimson - Forensic Dentistry (CRC, 1997).pdf
PR Garant - Oral Cells and Tissues (Quintessence books, 2003).pdf
R Ireland - Clinical Textbook of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (Blackwell, 2006).pdf
RE Goldstein - Esthetics in Dentistry - Volume 2 (2e, BC Decker, 2002).doc
RE McDonald - Dentistry for The Child and Adolescent (8e, Mosby, 2004).pdf
RE Moyers - Handbook of Orthodontics (4e, Year Book Medical, 1988).pdf
Regezi - Oral Pathology - Clinical Pathologic Correlations (4e, Saunders, 2003).pdf
Romano - Lingual Orthodonctics (BC Decker, 1998).pdf
RR Welbury - Pediatric Dentistry (3e, Oxford, 2005).pdf
RS Klugman - Prosthodontics in Clinical Practice (Martin Dunitz, 2002).pdf
RV Faller - Assessment of Oral Health 2000.pdf
S Cohen - Pathways of The Pulp (6e, Mosby, 1994).pdf
S Dibart - Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery (Blackwell, 2006).pdf
SF Malamed - Handbook of Local Anesthesia (4e, Mosby, 1997).pdf
ST Sonis - Dental Secrets (2e, Hanley & Belfus, 1999).pdf
Sturdevant's Art & Science of Operative Dentistry (Mosby 2002).pdf
TRP Ford - Endodontics - Problem Solving in Clinical Practice (Martin Dunitz, 2002).pdf
Tyldesley's Oral Medicinhe (5e, Oxford, 2003).CHM
WB Hall - Critical Decisions in Periodontology (4e, BC Decker, 2003).pdf
White - Oral Radiology (5e, Mosby, 2004).pdf
WJ Clark - Twin Block Functional Therapy (2e, Mosby, 2002).pdf


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