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A Matter of Security: The Application of Attachment Theory to Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Friedemann Pfäfflin and Gwen Adshead
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004

A to Z Drug Facts
David S. Tatro
Facts and Comparisons, 2003

ABC of Interventional Cardiology
BMJ Publishing Group, 2004

An Atlas of Schizophrenia
Martin Stefan, Mike Travis, & Robin M. Murray
The Parthenon Publishing Group, 2002

Anabolic Diet
Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale
Optimum Training Systems, 1995

Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction to Clinical Management and Research
Eric J.L. Griez, Carlo Faravelli, David Nutt, & Joseph Zohar
John Wiley & Sons, 2001

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Practical Strategies for Teachers and Other Professionals
Northumberland County Council Communication Support Service
David Fulton Publishers, 2004

Bad Medicine: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Distance Healing to Vitamin O
Christopher Wanjek
John Wiley & Sons, 2003

Cecil Textbook Of Medicine
Lee Goldman & J Claude Bennet
WB Saunders Company, 2000

Clinical Anesthesia
Paul G. Barash, Bruce F. Cullen, & Robert K. Stoelting
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers, 2001

Contemporary Clinical Psychology
Thomas G. Plante
John Wiley & Sons, 2005

Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment
Lawrence M. Tierney, Stephen J. McPhee, & Maxine A. Papadakis
McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange, 2004

Mario Maj and Norman Sartorius.
John Wiley & Sons, 2002

Depressive Disorders
Mario Maj and Norman Sartorius.
John Wiley & Sons, 2002

Diseases of Military Importance

Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, Volume 1 - A-L
Gale Group, 2002

Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, Volume 2 - M-Z
Gale Group, 2002

Encyclopedia of Surgery: A Guide for Patiens and Caregiver
Gale Group, 2003

Encyclopedic Reference of Cancer
Manfred Schwab
Springer-Verlag, 2001

Williams Larsen
Elsevier, 2003

Genetic Nature/Culture: Anthropology and Science Beyond The Two-Culture Divide
Alan H. Goodman, Deborah Heath, & M. Susan Lindee
University of California Press, 2003

Guide to Acupuncture & Acupressure
David Sollars
Macmillan, 2000

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 16th ed
Dennis L. Kasper, Eugene Braunwald, Anthony Fauci, Stephen Hauser, Dan Longo, J. Larry Jameson
McGraw-Hill, 2004

Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular
W. B. Saunders Company, 2001

Kids' Slips: What Young Children's Slips of the Tongue Reveal About Language Development
Jery J Jaeger
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005

Medical and Psych Aspect Chronic Illness and Disability
Donna Falvo
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

Medical Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook
US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, 2000

Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design
Dennis A. Smith, Han van de Waterbeemd, and Don K. Walker
Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2001

PreTest Self-Assessment and Review: Chest Radiology
McGraw-Hill, 2001

PreTest Self-Assessment and Review: Neurology
David J.Anschel
McGraw-Hill, 2004

PreTest Self-Assessment and Review: Pediatrics
Robert J.Yetman
McGraw-Hill, 2004

PreTest Self-Assessment and Review: Pharmacology
Arnold Stern
McGraw-Hill, 2002

Psychopathology: Foundations for a Contemporary Understanding
James E. Maddux & Barbara A. Winstead
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005

Safer Sex in Personal Relationships: The Role of Sexual Scripts in HIV Infection and Prevention
Tara M Emmers-Sommer & Mike Allen
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005

Sign with your Baby: How To Communicate With Infants Before They Can Speak
Joseph Garcia
Sign2M, 2003

Staying Healty: Live Longer and Healthier Life!

Teaching to the Brain's Natural Learning System
Barbara K Given
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2002

Textbook of Psychiatry
Michael G. Gelder, Juan J. López-Ibor, Jr. and Nancy Andreasen
Oxford University Press, 2000

The Behavioural Genetics of Psycopathology: A Clinical Guide
Kerry L. Jang
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005

The Evidence-Based Practice: Methods, Models, and Tools for Mental Health Professionals
Chris E. Stout and Randy A. Hayes
John Wiley & Sons, 2005

The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution
P.D Ouspensky

Treating Drug Problems
Arthur W. Blume
John Wiley & Sons, 2005

Tropical and Parasitic Infections in the Intensive Care Unit
Charles Feldman & George A. Sarosi
Springer Science + Business Media, 2005

Bernard N. Fields, et al
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers, 2001

What to Order When: Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Imaging
Ronald L. Eisenberg & Alexander R. Margulis
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers, 1999

Adams & Victor's Principles Of Neurology
Maurice Victor, Allan H. Ropper, Raymond D. Adams
McGraw-Hill Professional, 2000

Infectious Diseases
Jonathan Cohen, William Powderly
Mosby, 2000

Myron Yanoff (Editor), Jay S. Duker (Editor), James J. Augsburger (Editor)
Mosby, 2003

Oxford Textbook of Critical Care
andre R. Webb (Editor), Marc Shapiro (Editor), Mervyn Singer (Editor), Peter Suter (Editor)
Oxford University Press, 1999

Oxford Textbook of Medicine
David A. Warrell (Editor), Timothy M. Cox (Editor), John D. Firth (Editor), Edward J., J R., M.D. Benz (Editor)
Oxford Press, 2003

Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Gary R. Fleisher (Editor), Stephen Ludwig (Editor), Silverman, Fred M. Henretig
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2000

What to Order When Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Imaging
Ronald L. Eisenberg (Editor), Alexander R. Margulis (Editor)
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers, 1999

10000 Dreams Interpreted
Gustavus Hindman Miller
Blackmask Online 2001

A History of Scottish Medicine: Themes and Influences
Helen M. Dingwall
Edinburgh University Press 2003

An Atlas of Back Pain
Scott D. Haldeman, William H. Kirkaldy-Willis, Thomas N. Bernard, Jr
The Parthenon Publishing Group 2002

An Atlas of Depression
David S. Baldwin, Jon Birtwistle
The Parthenon Publishing Group 2002

An Introduction to the History of Psychology
Wadsworth Publishing 2000

Anatomy For Artists 2 Volume Set

Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Practical Strategies for Teaching and Other Professionals
Northumberland County Council Communication Support Service
David Fulton Publishers 2004

Bipolar Disorder
Mario Maj, Hagop S Akiskal, Juan Jose Lopez-Ibor, Norman Sartorius
John Wiley & Sons 2002

Brothers and Sisters of Disabled Children
Peter Burke
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2004

Co-Parenting for Everyone
KC Wilson
Harbinger Press, 2002

Current Clinical Strategies 2005

Depressive Rumination: Nature Theory And Treatment
Costas Papageorgiou, Adrian Wells
John Wiley & Sons 2004

Drug Information
Gerarld K McEvoy
Amer Society of Health System 2003

Essentials of Child Psychopathology
Linda Wilmshurst
John Wiley & Sons 2005

Experiments With People: Revelations from Social Psychology
Robert P. Abelson, Kurt P. Frey, Aiden P. Gregg
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004

Family Safety Handbook: Six Steps of Preparedness to Protect Those You Love
American Red Cross

Ferri's Clinical Advisor: Instant Diagnosis and Treatment
Fred Ferri
Mosby 2003

Fire and Explosion: Hazards Handbook of Industrial Chemicals
Tatyana A. Davletshina, Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Noyes Publications 1998

Forensic Engineering Investigation
Randall K. Noon
CRC Press 2001

Handbook of Couples Therapy
Michele Harway
John Wiley & Sons 2005

Handbook of Pediatric Psychology in School Settings
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004

Handbook of Personology and Psycopathology
Stephen Strack
John Wiley & Sons 2005

Handbook of Psychology - Volume 1 - History of Psychology
Donald K. Freedheim, Irving B. Weiner
John Wiley & Sons 2003

Healing or Stealing? Medical Charlatans in the New Age
DR Jean-Marie Abgrall
Algora Publishing 2001

Interviewing And Diagnostic Exercises For Clinical And Counseling Skills Building
Pearl S Berman, Susan Shopland
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005

Introduction to Cell and Tissue Culture: Theory and Technique
Jennie P. Mather and Penelope E. Roberts
Plenum Press, 1998

Introduction to Forensic Sciences
CRC Press 1992

Low Blood Pressure: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
ICON Health Publications 2004

Medical Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook
US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense

Medicine and Religion C.1300: The Case of Arnau De Vilanova
Oxford University Press, 1998

Pain Medicine and Management: Just the Facts
Mark S. Wallace, Peter S. Staats
McGraw-Hill 2005

Schaum's Outline of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Patricia Brady Wilhelm
McGraw-Hill 2001

Sleep Disturbances and Healthy Sleep
Christa-Johanna Bub-Jachens
AWSNA Publications 2004

Textbook of Biological Psychiatry
Jaak Panksepp
Wiley-Liss 2004

Textbook of Pediatrics (Nelson)
Richard E, Behrman, Robert M, Kliegman,
WB Saunders 2003

The Adolescent with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD)
Amanda Kirby
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2004

The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions: A Handbook
Gisli H. Gudjonsson
John Wiley & Sons, 2003

The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer's Manual: From Basics to Beyond
Marc VanDeKeere 1999

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics

Treating Drug Problems
Arthur W. Blume
John Wiley & Sons, 2005

Van De Graaff: Human Anatomy
McGraw-Hill 2001

ABC of Clinical Genetics
Helen M Kingston
BMJ Books 2002

ABC of Clinical Haematology
Drew Provan
BMJ Books 2003

AHFS Drug Information 2004
Gerald K McEvoy
Amer Soc of Health System 2003

Aural Rehabilitation of People With Disabilities
John M.A Oyiborhoro
Elsevier 2005

Biomedical Application of Proteomics
Jean-Charles Sanchez, Garry L Corthals, Denis F Hochstrasser
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA 2004

Chest Radiography
Betty J Tsuei, Peter E Lyu

Clinical Dermatology: A Colour Guide to Diagnosis and Therapy
Thomas P Habif
Mosby 2003

Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine
James R Roberts, Jerris Hedges
WB Saunders 2003

Complete Steroid Handbook 2004

Coping With Caregiving: How to Manage Stress When Caring for Older Relatives
Vicki L Schmall, Ruth E Stiehl
PNW 315 2003

Core Processes in Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Advancing Effective Practice
Denise Charman
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates 2004

Disasters and Mental Health
Juan Jose Lopez-Ibor, George Christodoulou, Mario Maj, Norman Sartorius, Ahmed Okasha
John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2005

Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer Vol. 1 - (A-K) Vol. 2 - (L-Z)
Elen Thackery
Gale Group 2002

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology
Bonnie Strickland
Gale Group 2001

Keys to Successful Breastfeeding: Putting the 10 Steps into Practice
Elizabeth Flight
Bethesda Naval Medical Centre

Littmann Examples Of Cardiac And Pulmonary Auscultation (MP3)

Low Blood Pressure: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
James N Parker, Philip M Parker
ICON Group International 2004

Mood Disorders: A Handbook Of Science And Practice
Mick Power
John Wiley & Sons 2004

Nature, Knowledge, Imagery in an Ancient Chinese Medical Text
Paul U Unschuld
University of California Press 2003

Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design
D.A Smith, H van de Waterbeemd, D.K Walker, R Mannhold, H Kubinyi, H Timmerman
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH 2001

Play in Child Development and Psychotherapy: Toward Empirically Supported Practice
Sandra W Russ
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates 2004

Radiography of the Cervical Spine in Trauma
Thad Jackson, Deborah Blades

Renal Calculi

Mario Maj, Norman Sartorius
John Wiley & Sons 2002

Textbook of Surgery (3 Volume Set)
Peter J Morris, William C Wood
Oxford Press 2000

The Genetic Landscape of Diabetes

The Kidney
Barry M Brenner, Floyd C Rector, Samuel A Livine
W B Saunders 2003

64 Medical Books

Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
Jan Riordan
Jones and Bartlett Publishers 2005

Current Clinical Strategies: Family Medicine
Paul D Chan, Chrisopher R Winkle, Peter J Winkle
Current Clinical Strategies Publishing 2006

Drug Abuse Handbook
Steven B Karch
CRC Press 1998

Food Safety
Nina E Redman
ABC-Clio 2000

Get Well At Home: Complete Home Health Care for the Family
Richard A. Hansen
Hartland Publications

Grainger & Allison's Diagnostic Radiology: A Textbook of Medical Imaging
Ronald G. Grainger (Editor), David Allison (Editor), Andreas Adam (Editor), Adrian K. Dixon (Editor), Helen Carty (Editor), Alan Sprigg (Editor), Elian A. Zerhouni, Holger Pettersson
Churchill Livingstone 2001

Gut Flora, Nutrition, Immunity, and Health
R Fuller, G Perdigon
Blackwell Publishing 2003

Harrison`s Manual of Medicine
Eugene Braunwald, Anthony S. Fauci, Dennis L. Kasper, Stephen L. Hauser, Dan L. Longo, J. Larry Jameson
McGraw-Hill Professional (July 2001)

Head and Neck Surgery: Otolaryngology
Byron J., Md. Bailey (Editor), Karen H., Md. Calhoun (Editor), Gerald B., Md. Healy (Editor), Harold C., Iii, Md. Pillsbury (Editor), Jonas T., Md. Johnson (Editor), M. Eugene, Jr., Md. Tardy (Editor), Robert K, Md. Jackler (Editor), Anthony Pazos (Illustrator), Chri Gralapp
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (October 2001)

In-Home Child Care: A Parent's Guide
Ceridian Corporation 2004

Kelley's Textbook of Rheumatology
Shaun Ruddy, Edward D. Harris, Clement B. Sledge, John S. Sergent and Ralph C. Budd

Practical Gynecologic Oncology
Jonathan S., MD Berek, Neville F. Hacker
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers 2000

The Massage Connection: Anatomy and Physiology
Kalyani Premkumar
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers 2004

The Paradox of Prion Disease
Rosalind M. Ridley and Harry F. Baker
Humana Press Inc.

Color Atlas of Cytology, Histology, and Microscopic Anatomy
4th edition, revised and enlarged
745 illustrations
Wolfgang Kuehnel, M.D.
Thieme, Stuttgart • New York

Encyclopedic Reference of Cancer
With 261 Figures and 64 Tables
Manfred Schwab (Ed.)

Encyclopedia of Public Health
Lester Breslow
Macmillan Reference USA
Gale Group – Thomson Learning

W.B. Saunders Company

Sabiston TEXTBOOK of SURGERY 16th ed
Courtney M. Townsend Jr. M.D., R. DANIEL BEAUCHAMP M.D., B. Mark Evers M.D., Kenneth L. Mattox M.D.

Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy
Second edition, revised and enlarged
243 Illustrations
Torsten B. Moeller, M.D., Emil Reif, M.D.
Thieme, Stuttgart • New York 2000

Williams Obstetrics 21st Edition
F. Gary Cunningham, MD
The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2001

Outpatient and Primary Care Medicine 2005


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