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Adams AP-Recent Advances in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care 22E-Greenwich MM 2003.pdf
Dobson MB-Anaesthesia at the District Hospital-WHO 2000.pdf
Duke J-Anesthesia Secrets 3E-Elsevier Mosby 2007.CHM
Gullo A-Intensive and Critical Care Medicine-Springer 2005.pdf
Handbook of Regional Anesthesia-ESRA 2007.pdf
Hopkins R-Radiology for Anaesthesia & Intensive Care-Greenwich MM 2003.pdf
Malviya S-Sedation & Analgesia for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures-Humana Press 2003.pdf
McConachie I-Anaesthesia for the High Risk Patient-Greenwich MM 2002.pdf
Morgan GE-LANGE Clinical Anesthesiology 4E-McGraw-Hill 2006.pdb
Robinson N-How to Survive Anaesthesia-A Guide for Trainees 2E-BMJ 2002.pdf
Stewart JV-Vital Signs & Resuscitation-Landes BIOScience 2003.pdf
Sullivan P-Anaesthesia for Medical Students-Ottawa Civic Hospital 1999.pdf
Sweeney JD-Clinical Transfusion Medicine-Landes BIOScience 1999.pdf
Tramer MR-Evidence-based Resource in Anesthesia and Analgesia 2E-BMJ 2000.pdf

Bhushan V-Blackwells Undergound Clinical Vignettes Anatomy 3E-Blackwell 2002.pdf
Ellis H-Clinical Anatomy 11E-Blackwell 2006.pdf
Faiz O-Anatomy at a Glance-Blackwell 2002.pdf
Glover R-Bodies The Exhibition 2E-Premier Exhibitions 2006.pdf

ACLS 2005-American Heart Association 2005.pdf
Barbaro G-Cardiovascular Disease in AIDS-Springer 2005.pdf
Crawford MH-Interventional Cardiology 2006-Elsevier Saunders 2006.pdf
Dec GW-Heart Failure-A Comprehensive Guide to Dx & Tx-Marcel Dekker 2005.pdf
Factor SM-Handbook of Pathology and Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease-Kluwer 2002.pdf
Holdright D-100 Questions in Cardiology-BMJ 2001.pdf
Jessup ML-Heart Failure-a Clinician Guide to Ambulatory Dx & Tx-Humana Press 2003.pdf
Morris F-ABC of Clinical ECG-BMJ 2003.pdf
Perk J-Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation-Springer 2007.pdf
Ramsdale D-Color Atlas of Infective Endocarditis-Springer 2006.pdf
Raviele A-Cardiac Arrhytmias 2005-Springer 2006.pdf

Goodheart HP-Acne For Dummies-Wiley 2006.pdf
Parish L-Atlas of Womens Dermatology-Taylor & Francis 2006.pdf
Ring J-Handbook of Atopic Eczema 2E-Springer 2006.pdf
Sanchez RL-Dermatopathology-Landes BIOScience 2001.pdf


Zinner MJ-Maingots Abdominal Operations 11E-McGraw-Hill.CHM

Advanced Life Support Group-Acute Medical Emergencies-BMJ 2001.pdf
Hamilton-Emergency Medicine-An Approach to Clinical Problem-Solving 2E-Elsevier 2007.CHM
Wyatt JP-Oxford Handbook of Accident & Emergency Medicine 2E-Oxford 2005.CHM

Gardner DG-LANGE Greenspan Basic and Clinical Endocrinology 8E-McGraw-Hill 2007.CHM
McDermott MT-Endocrine Secrets 4E-Elsevier Mosby 2007.CHM

Bayless TM-Advanced Therapy in Gastroenterology & Liver Disease 5E-BC Decker 2005.pdf
Butcher GP-Gastroenterology-an Illustrated Colour Text-Churchill Livingstone 2003.pdf
Granderath FA-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease-Springer 2006.pdf
McNally PR-Gastrointestinal Liver Secrets 3E-Elsevier Mosby 2007.CHM
Schiff ER-Schiff Diseases of the Liver 10E-Lippincott WW 2007.pdf

Alden H-Abernathy Surgical Secrets 5E-Elsevier Mosby 2004.exe
Brunicardi FC-Schwartz Manual Of Surgery 8E-McGraw-Hill 2006.pdf
Lowry SF-Learning Surgery-The Surgery Clerkship Manual-Springer 2005.pdf
Obi EE-Rapid Surgery-Blackwell 2005.pdf
Sweetland H-Mosby Crash Course Surgery-Harcourt 1999.pdf
Townsend CM-Sabiston Textbook of Surgery 17E-Elsevier 2004.pdf
Wrightson WR-Current Concepts in General Surgery-Landes BIOScience 2006.pdf
Zollinger RM-Zollinger Atlas of Surgical Operations 8E-McGraw-Hill 2002.chm

Lewis SM-Dacie & Lewis Practical Haematology 10E-Elsevier 2006.CHM
Provan D-Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology 2E-Oxford 2004.pdf
Pui CH-Treatment of Acute Leukemias-Humana Press 2003.pdf
Sytkowski-Erythropoietin-Blood Brain & Beyond-Wiley 2004.pdf
WHO Blood Transfusion Safety-Handbook of The Clinical Of Blood-WHO 2002.pdf
Winslow R-Blood Substitues 2E-Elsevier 2006.pdf

Avlicino A-Beat the Flu-How To Stay Healthy through the coming BIRD FLU pandemic-Fusion 2006.pdf
Cohen BJ-Medical Terminology - An Illustrated Guide 4E-2004.pdf
Ferri FF-Practical Guide to the Care of the Medical Patient 7E-Elsevier Mosby 2007.CHM
Forshaw M-Understanding Headache & Migraines-Wiley 2004.pdf
Goddard J-Physician Guide to Arthropods of Medical Importance 4E-CRC 2003.pdf
Gomella LG-Scut Monkey Handbook-Clinician Pocket Reference 11E-McGraw-Hill 2007.CHM
Gonzales R-LANGE Current Practice Guidelines in Primary care 2005-McGraw-Hill 2005.pdf
Gunstone FD-The Lipid Handbook 3E-CRC 2007.pdf
Kaplan NM-Kaplan's Clinical Hypertension 9E-Lippincott WW 2006.pdf
Kasper DL-Harrison's Manual of Medicine 16E-McGraw Hill 2005.pdf
Kasper DL-Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 16E-McGraw-Hill 2005 FULL PICTURE.pdf
Mandell, Bennett, & Dolin-Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases 6E-Churchill Livingstone.chm
Mir MA-Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis 2E-Saunders 2003.pdf
Murtagh J-General Practice 3E-McGraw-Hill 2006.pdf
Preda A-Aids, Rhetoric & Medical Knowledge-Cambridge 2005.pdf
Silagy C-Evidence-based Practice in Primary care 2E-BMJ 2001.pdf
Souhami RL-Textbook of Medicine 4E-Churchill Livingstone 2002.pdf
Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook-US Army 2001.pdf
Stacey E-Hot Topics in General Practice 3E-BIOS 2000.pdf
Swartz MH-Textbook of Physical Diagnosis 5E-Elsevier 2007.CHM
Wasson JH-A-Z Common Symptom Answer Guide-McGraw-Hill 2004.pdf
WHO-Guidelines for The Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections-WHO 2003.pdf
WHO-Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria-WHO 2006.pdf

Daugirdas JT-Handbook of Dialysis 3E-Lippincott WW 2000.pdb
Hashim H-Urological Emergencies in Clinical Practice-Springer 2005.pdf
Hohenfellner R-Manual Endourology-Training for Residents-Springer 2004.pdf
Potts JM-Essential Urology-Humana Press 2004.pdf
Schrier RW-Diseases of The Kidney & Urinary Tract 8E-Lippincott WW 2007.CHM

Nicoll D-LANGE Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests 3E-McGraw-Hill 2001.pdf
Wallach J-Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests 8E-Kluwer Lippincott WW.chm

Baehr M-Duus Topical Diagnosis in Neurology 4E-Thieme 2005.pdf
Davis LE-Fundamentals of Neurologic Disease-Demos 2005.pdf
Feldman EL-Atlas of Neuromuscular Diseases-Springer 2005.pdf
Monkhouse S-Cranial Nerves-Functional Anatomy-Cambridge 2006.pdf
Perkin GD-An Atlas of Parkinson Disease & Related Disorders Separate Diseases-CRC 2004.pdf

Kanno T-Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery and Muldisiplinary Neurotraumatology-Springer 2006.pdf
Moore AJ-Neurosurgery-Principles and Practice-Springer 2005.pdf

Bagchi D-Obesity-Epidemiology,Pathophysiology & Prevention-CRC 2007.pdf
Levy TE-Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health-Keats 2001.pdf
McKnight TL-Obesity Management in Family Practice-Springer 2006.pdf
Ostman J-Treating and Preventing Obesity-an Evidence Based Review-Wiley 2004.pdf
Rinzler CA-Nutrition for Dummies 4E-Wiley 2006.pdf
Shils ME-Modern Nutrition in Health & Disease 10E-Lippincott WW 2006.CHM

Briggs GG-Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation 6E-Lippincott WW 2001.pdb
Croxatto HB-New Mechanisms for Tissue-Selective Estrogen-Free Contraception-Springer 2005.pdf
Cunningham FG-Williams Obstetrics 22E-McGraw-Hill 2007 FULL PICTURE.CHM
Curtis MG-Glass Office Gynecology 6E-Lippincott WW 2006.CHM
DeCherney AH-Current Diagnosis and Treatment Obstetrics and Gynecology 10E-McGraw-Hill 2007.chm
Havens CS-Manual of Outpatient Gynecology 4E-Lippincott WW 2002.CHM
Hulse PA-MRI Manual of Pelvic Cancer-Martin Dunitz 2004.pdf
Nelson Piercy-Obstetric Medicine-a Problem-Based Approach-Springer 2007.pdf
Palmer CM-Handbook of Obstetric Anesthesia-BIOS 2002.pdf
WHO-Reproductive Health Indicators-WHO 2006.pdf

Galloway NR-Common Eye Diseases & Their Management 3E-Springer 2006.pdf
Schlote T-Pocket Atlas of Ophtalmology-Thieme 2006.pdf
Wright KW-Handbook of Pediatric Eye & Systemic Disease-Springer 2006.pdf
Wright KW-Handbook of Pediatric Neuro-Ophtalmology-Springer 2006.pdf
Wright KW-Handbook of Pediatric Retinal Disease-Springer 2006.pdf

Jordan C-Atlas of Orthopaedic Surgical Exposures-Thieme 2000.pdf
McRae R-Practical Fracture Treatment 4E-Churchill Livingstone.pdf
Mostofi SB-Whos WHO in Orthopedics-Springer 2005.pdf

Van De Water TR-Otolaryngology-Basic Science & Clinical Review-Thieme 2006.pdf

Kaplan CG-Color Atlas of Gross Placental Pathology 2E-Springer 2007.pdf
Kumar Cotran-Robbins Basic Pathology 7E-Elsevier 2007.CHM
Macfarlane PS-Pathology Illustrated 5E-Churchill Livingstone 2004.pdf

Bhushan V-Underground Clinical Vignettes Pathophysiology Vol 1 3E-Blackwell 2002.pdf
Bhushan V-Underground Clinical Vignettes Pathophysiology Vol 2 3E-Blackwell 2002.pdf
Bhushan V-Underground Clinical Vignettes Pathophysiology Vol 3 3E-Blackwell 2002.pdf
McPhee SJ-Pathophysiology of Disease 5E-McGraw-Hill 2006.chm

Advanced Life Support Group-Advanced Paediatric Life Support 3E-BMJ 2001.pdf
Barry P-Paediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport-BMJ 2003.pdf
Behrman RE-Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 17E-Elsevier Saunders 2004 FULL PICTURE.CHM
Burg FD-Current Pediatric Therapy 18E-Elsevier Saunders 2006.CHM
Gennrich JL-Pediatric Drug Reference 2004 Edition-Current Clinical Strategies 2004.PDF
Green T-Pediatrics-Just the Facts-McGraw-Hill 2005.pdf
Jelliffe DB-Dietary Management of Young Children With Acute Diarrhoea 2E-WHO 1991.pdf
Kliegman RM-Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics 5E-Elsevier Saunders 2007.CHM
MacDonald MG-Avery Neonatology-Pathophysiology & Management of the Newborn 6E-LWW 2005.pdf
Rudolph AJ-Atlas of the Newborn-Muskuloskeletal Disorders & Congenital Deformities-BC Decker 1997.pdf
Rudolph AJ-Atlas of the Newborn-Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine-BC Decker 1997.pdf
Strange GR-Pediatric Emergency Medicine-McGraw-Hill 1999.pdf
Viessman SS-Appleton and Lange Review-Pediatrics 6E-McGraw-Hill 2004.pdf

Ebadi M-Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine 2E-CRC 2007.pdf
US Pharmacopeia 30 May 1 2007-The Official Compendia of Standards-USPC 2006.exe

Banerjee A-Clinical Physiology-Cambridge 2005.pdf
Costanzo LS-Board Review Series-Physiology 2E-Lippincott WW.pdf
Guyton AC-Textbook of Medical Physiology 11E-Elsevier Saunders 2006.pdf
Hansen JT-Netters Atlas of Human Physiology-Netter.pdf
Mackenna BR-Illustrated Physiology 6E-Churchill Livingstone 1997.pdf
Seeley-Anatomy and Physiology 6E-McGraw-Hill 2004.pdf


Shiffman MA-Liposuction Principles & Practice-Springer 2006.pdf

Hibbert A-Rapid Psychiatry-Blackwell 2004.pdf
Jacobson JL-Psychiatric Secrets 2E-Hanley and Belfus 2001.pdb
Jarvis, Tebbutt, Mattick, Shand - Treatment Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Dependence - An Intro.pdf
Kearney CA-Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth-Springer 2005.pdf
Kingdon D-The Case Study Guide to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy of Psychosis-Wiley 2002.pdf
Petrak J-The Trauma of Sexual Assault-Wiley 2002.pdf
Schabracq MJ-The Handbook of Work and Health Psychology 2E-Wiley 2003.pdf
Stout CE-The Evidence-Based Practice for Mental Health Professionals-Wiley 2005.pdf
Strongman KT-The Psychology of Emotion 5E-Wiley 2003.pdf
Yufit RI-Assessment Treatment and Prevention Of Suicidal Behavior-Wiley 2005.pdf

Brogdon BG- Radiologic Atlas of Abuse Torture Terrorism & Inflicted Trauma-CRC 2003.pdf
Chen MYM-LANGE Basic Radiology-McGraw-Hill 2004.chm
Donnelly EF-The Medical Student Guide to the Plain Chest Film-Carchedon 2006.pdf
Doss A-MCQ Companion to Applied Radiological Anatomy-Cambridge 2003.pdf
Eng P-Interpretating Chest X-Ray-Cambridge 2005.pdf
Jurik AG-Imaging of the Sternocostoclavicular Region-Springer 2007.pdf
Kerut EK-Handbook of Echo-Doppler Interpretation-Blackwell 2004.pdf
Mettler FA-Essentials of Radiology 2E-Saunders 2005.chm
Tamraz JC-Atlas of Regional Anatomy of the Brain Using MRI-Springer 2006.pdf

Barnett M-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Primary Care-Wiley 2006.pdf
Currie GP-ABC of COPD-Blackwell and BMJ 2007.pdf
Mason RJ-Murray and Nadel Textbook of Respiratory Medicine 4E-Elsevier Saunders 2005.chm
Palomino-Tuberculosis 2007-TuberculosisTextbook.com 2007.pdf
Suttorp N-Community Acquired Pneumonia-Birkhauser 2007.pdf

Hazleman B-Soft Tissue Rheumatology-Oxford University Press 2004.CHM

MacAuley D-Evidence-based Sports Medicine-BMJ 2002.pdf
OConnor FG-Sports Medicine Just The Facts-McGraw-Hill 2005.pdf
Rodgers B-The Complete Idiots Guide to Jogging and Running-Alpha Books 1998.pdf

Baumgartner-Vademecum Cardiothoracic Surgery 3E-Landes BIOScience 2003.pdf
Cohn LH-Cardiac Surgery in the Adult 2E-McGraw-Hill 2003.pdb
del Nido PJ-Sabiston & Spencer Surgery of the Chest 7E-Elsevier Saunders 2005.chm

Keystone JS-Travel Medicine-Mosby 2004.CHM

Freeman B-LANGE The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Medical Specialty-McGraw-Hill 2004.pdf
Goodill SW-An introduction to medical dance-movement therapy-health care in motion-Kingsley 2005.pdf
Parbhoo AV-What They Didnt Teach You at Medical School-Springer 2007.pdf
Press I-Patient Satisfaction 2E-American College of Healthcare Executives 2006.pdf
Sugar J-Opportunities in Physician Careers-McGraw-Hill 2005.pdf
Young AE-The Medical Manager 2E-BMJ 2003.pdf


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